How To Get More Fans on Facebook – 6 Ways To Increase Facebook Fans

Updated: 6th July 2013

As you’ll know if you follow my blog page on Facebook, I’ve grown that page to over 4,000 mostly targeted fans in order to bring me some traffic each month. I’ve actually been working on Facebook for some time but only recently have I started to ramp up the way I use it to generate leads and income, largely inspired by people like Phil Henderson.

However, I’ve now started to branch out and grow several other pages in a number of different markets in order to expand the amount of income streams I have. Using methods I’ve learned both recently and over the time it took to grow this blog, I am growing the number of fans consistently and steadily. So, if you’re looking for how to get more fans on Facebook, then you’re in the right place.

Here I’m going to show you my top 6 ways to get more fans to your Facebook page, no matter what market or niche your page is in. I’ll break down each one so you can start applying them today.

One word of caution before we get started: Choose one or two of these methods and get good at them before you start on the others, otherwise you may find them overwhelming and hard to keep track of. If these methods are new to you, take your time to understand and apply them individually before combining those that work best for you.

So, with that said, on with the show!

Method One – Make Your Fan Page Title Irresistible… Then Optimise It

One of the first keys to getting lots of fans is to come up with a title that will excite people or that they will agree with without thinking about it. When it comes to marketing online, this means that you need to find a title that has the following attributes:

  • It’s engaging and perhaps even a little outrageous or opinionated
  • It’s keyword rich (meaning that it contains your main keywords for that niche)
  • It’s specific to your market and the people you want to connect with
  • It’s funny or at least amusing (humour gets ‘likes’ like you wouldn’t believe)

I’ve added the part about humour last because it’s not essential, but it does help add an extra element of attraction to your page as people enjoy humour and will like to share that humour with the other fans as well as their friends.

In order to find a page title that checks the first three features listed above, you need to do your research.

  1. First of all, choose a market and then look within that market for a niche or even micro-niche. As an example, you could start with the lifestyle market, then look into relationships then drill down to the people looking to date a specific type of person (uniform dating, religious dating, sugar daddy dating, that kind of thing).
  2. Research that niche using tools like the Google Keyword Tool or Market Samurai. You’re looking for ‘Exact Match’ keywords that get at least 500 searches per month on Google.
  3. Choose a relatively ‘long-tail’ keyphrase (more than 4 words long) as there will be less competition for this when it comes to optimising your page (more on this later).
  4. Look at other already successful pages that exist within your niche and see what their titles are. Don’t copy them word-for-word but see if you can use the basic idea and make it better, more engaging or funnier.
  5. Take your chosen keyphrase and integrate it into your title, giving it an engaging twist. For example, if we continue with the dating example, the keyphrase might be ‘best place to find hot dates’ so the page could be called ‘Hotties of the World – The Best Place To Find Hot Dates On Facebook’ (you’ll be surprised what people will like).

Remember that there are currently over 500 million people on Facebook, so you’re bound to find something that appeals to a group of say, 25,000 (remember, this is a tiny fraction of the total people using the great book of Face).

The next step is to set up the page with your catchy title. If you’re still lost for a catchy title, check out the magazines or products that cater to your niche and use their catchy headlines or sub-headlines as the title for your page, ensuring that you integrate your keywords with them.

Now the goal is to get your page up to 25 fans as quickly as possible. Once you get to 25 fans, you can choose your own page address, meaning you can get

To get your own Fan Page URL, log into Facebook then type in into your address bar. This will take you to the page where you can choose your own addresses for your personal profile and all your fan pages (assuming they have over 25 fans). Get (not the page title, just the keyphrase) and you’ll start to see traffic from the search engines once the page starts to rank (which for long-tail phrases can be as fast as a day or so).

To discover how to turn your fans into paying customers, click here.

Method Two – Create Good, Targeted and Regular Content

This is a simple one to do, and a very easy concept to understand, yet in practice, there are still people doing it wrong. I want to show you how I’ve done it and got traffic and even sales from it.

Before I do, you might be thinking…

Hang on, how does posting good content get more fans on Facebook? Surely posting content is only good for current fans, not getting new ones…

Not so.

Due to it’s viral nature, when someone who is already a fan likes your content (and clicks the ‘Like’ link beneath the post), their friends (who aren’t yet fans) see it and can comment on it and like it too. They will see their friend is a fan and they will see this as social proof that the page is worth being a part of. Your current fans may even click the ‘Share’ link beneath the post and post it to their wall on their profile, instantly giving you more exposure. When I post new content on the wall of my pages (which I do 2-3 times per day per page) I always get new fans from it.

So there.

Anyway, enough of that… Back to the content creation.

The first thing to say is that your content needs to be relevant to your audience. This, again, sounds obvious but it’s surprising the number of people who set up a page and then post all kinds of stuff that isn’t relevant to the audience they’ve created. If your page is about a TV show, don’t post stuff on the page about online dating or ways of getting fit. There’s no quicker way to get ‘Unliked’ and be seen as spammy rather than helpful.

The question arises: Where Do I Find Content For My Facebook Page?

Well, if you’re an expert in your subject it makes things easier as you can get all the info you’ll need for posts from your brainbox. However, it’s a good idea to mix things up and add content in several formats. Here’s my list of good places to get content for facebook pages:

  • – Facebook loves video and so do Facebook’s users. Find – or better still – make videos that tell your audience something about the subject they’ve liked. Upload it to YouTube then post it to your wall.
  • – You can find good articles here to expand on different parts of your niche, to help your fans. The downside is that the article may have a link at the bottom to another person’s site, taking your fans away from you. The best thing to do is write your own content and share it with them via the page, but if you’re not into writing, just find good articles by other people.
  • Blog Searching – If I personally know and/or read a blog that is about that page’s topic and it’s helped me, I’ll post the link to my page. You can do the same. It can be a colleague’s blog or simply an expert in the niche who you can follow.
  • Quotes – People seem to love bitesize quotes from the greats in their market. In the world of marketing, I could quote David Ogilvy, Charles Saatchi or Richard Branson. Who’s the expert in your market? Go to Google and type: The Expert’s Name + Quotes. For example: ‘Richard Branson quotes’. You’ll find a raft of quotes you can use as posts.

Above all, make sure this content is relevant and you keep posting to the page on a regular basis. I do 2-3 posts per day on my more active pages. Even one post per day is ok, just keep it consistent and relevant.

Every few days, I include a post that has an offer attached to it. This could be a related Amazon book (using my Amazon Associates account to get an affiliate link) or a Clickbank/PayDotCom product. That’s the balance I use to make money from the groups once they’re built.

To discover how to turn your fans into paying customers, click here.

Method Three – Joint Venture With Other Page Owners

Joint Venture is really just a buzz phrase or marketing term meaning ‘working with other people in your market for mutual benefit’.

This method is simple and to-the-point, so this part of the article will be too:

  1. Find pages that have lots of fans (5,000+ at least but ideally over 25,000) that are related to your page or niche. For example, in the case of the page I created for Channel 4 show ‘Campus’, I realised that the person who’d produced and directed it was also the producer and director of several other hit comedies. So, I went to Facebook and found all the fan pages I could that were related to those previous shows.
  2. Once you have those pages, contact the admins of the pages and ask if they would post a link to your page on theirs. This gives them something new to post, plus it gives you exposure. You could also offer to give them a promo on your page once it reaches a certain number of fans. That way they get exposure too.
  3. Another way of doing it is to actually offer them some money to post your link. If they have hundreds of thousands or even millions of fans, they won’t be interested in doing a joint venture with someone who has 6 fans, so you need to give them another incentive. Pay them via Paypal so it’s all above board. Offer them a price for a mailout (it will vary depending on the amount of fans they have). As a rule, each fan is worth roughly $0.23 – $0.26 each on average but can be worth more. If you feel there might be trust issues, then offer them half up-front and the other half once the post has been made.

With this method you can grow those first 25 subscribers quickly and then use your own fans as leverage for more joint ventures in the future.

To discover how to turn your fans into paying customers, click here.

Method Four – Facebook Adshow to get more facebook fans

This is another paid method of building fans that I’ve used and that has proven effective, especially when you’re starting out. The good thing with this is that it is very targeted, relatively inexpensive and not necessarily a long-term solution, as the page will ‘go viral’ past a certain number of fans.

Using Facebook ads is pretty simple.

The things to remember are the same things to remember if you’re using any kind of ad platform (like Google Adwords or the ads on other search engines):

  • Make sure your ads have an attractive photo. If it’s for a celebrity, use a sexy headshot of that celebrity. If it’s for a niche or business, use something that clearly illustrates the point of the page and what people can expect from being a member of that Fan Page. Oh and in terms of the pictures, it turns out that boobs sell! Who knew? ;) If you want proof then check out this awesome guide to Facebook Ads by Shoemoney.
  • You can ‘cheat’ a little (although not sure for how much longer) by using a picture with text in it. This increases the amount of text you can use in the ad and is good for extra info on the main USP (unique selling point) of your page/business.
  • In your text, include something that will capture people’s attention. Again, see what others are doing that works and try and improve on it. You don’t need to re-invent the wheel. You have limited space so be punchy and get to the point.
  • Obviously, don’t include anything that’s likely to get your ad disapproved like nude images or claims about income. Not only will you get rejected nine times out of ten, but it doesn’t really do you any favours on the credibility front.
  • Make sure you target your ads very specifically to the age group and demographics of your target market. If it’s aimed at Mum’s under 40 who like America’s Next Top Model, then target them.

Your budget doesn’t need to be huge to start out using Facebook advertising. The minimum daily spend at the time of writing is just £1 or $1.

It’s a great way of building your page quickly to get the URL you want and then to get the first few hundred followers. I currently set my targeted campaigns to run for one week and set the budget at just £2 per day. This means I only spend £14 total for a new page in that time and that gets me quickly to having a small community that I can now leverage and grow. Needless to say, the more my pages make me, the more I will increase this as I experiment more with FB Ads.

To discover how to turn your fans into paying customers, click here.

Method Five – Get Fans For A Fiverr

If you’ve read my blog before you may have heard me mention as a great source of traffic. However, like all sources of traffic it’s only good when it’s targeted and used properly. So here’s your guide to use it effectively.

I actually have two ways of using Fiverr to promote fan pages, so I’ll go through both.

Fiverr allows you to search for and find people who are willing to promote you to their fan page for $5. This sounds great at first but you need to know what their fan page is about. As I said in the previous methods, targeting and relevancy is important when it comes to content. The people who are fans of that page will have a specific interest and you need to cater to that. If you can’t you need to find another fan page owner.

Here’s what I do to find out what pages the providers have and if I can work with them:

  1. Go to and in the search bar in the top right type in ‘Fan Page’ or ‘Facebook Fan Page’. Amongst the results, look for those people who are willing to promote you to their fan page.
  2. Contact the seller by clicking on their username and sending them a message via their profile on Fiverr. Ask them these questions about their fans/fan page: a) How many fans do you have? b) What is the page about?/What are the fans interested in? c) What percentage of feedback do you get on your posts?
  3. Once they get back to you with the information you can assess whether or not to proceed with paying them to post for you. You also need to make sure that they can provide proof of the service, ideally by directing you to the page after they’ve posted it so you can see your post.
  4. When sending them what to post, see if you can write one line of text for them followed by the link. Make it reletively snappy and attractive. If not, just send them the link to post after you’ve paid for the service.
  5. If they deliver and you get more fans, great! If they don’t deliver, no worries. You don’t have to pay them and you can reject the work as not being done.

Eventually you’ll find some suppliers you can work with regularly to promote your pages in different niches.

The other method I use for Fiverr is simply to find people on Fiverr who do social bookmarking services. They usually have the following kind of titles:how to get more facebook fansWith these suppliers, it’s far easier than those offering to promote via their fan pages. You just give them the link to your page along with your keywords and a brief description and they go to each of the sites and bookmark your page. This simply means that they submit your page to a place where others can see what they’ve bookmarked, just like when you bookmark a page in your web browser but more public.

What this does is gives you credibility on other networks and allows people within those networks to see your site and find their way to Facebook to like it.

It also helps your search rankings as some of these sites have a lot of kudos with the search engines as they’re full of user created and user bookmarked content.

So, that, in a nutshell is Fiverr and how to use it to get more fans on Facebook.

To discover how to turn your fans into paying customers, click here.

Method Six – Change Your Identity

Before you ask, no, I don’t mean change your real identity. Nor do I mean create fake accounts on Facebook. I don’t like that way of doing things.

This method is a simple one that is easy-to-do, free and proven to work. It’s proven, not just by me, but because it is almost identical to a strategy that virtually every blogger to ever use the internet has utilised: Commenting.

To be specific, I’m talking about commenting on other fan pages. But there’s a key thing you need to do first, so that every comment you make leads back to your fan page and creates another potential stream (or at least trickle) of new traffic.

As you can see, the top option (beneath the list of admins) allows you to change your identity and to use Facebook not as yourself, but as the page itself.

This means you can now go to pages related to your market or your readers’ interests and comment on them. Leave comments that are interesting and that contribute to the other person’s page. Perhaps start a conversation with people on those other pages. For example, for my page about the Channel 4 series ‘Campus’, I could go and find pages about British Comedy, or Green Wing, or Fawlty Towers or any other TV shows. I could also comment on the fan pages for the cast members, or any pages that were set up for the characters.

All of these comments open up another avenue, down which new visitors can come and like your page. Simple but effective, especially if you comment on photos and posts from a page that is still active (rather than one that has very little activity on it). As you may have noticed, it works in the same way as blog commenting.

Incidentally, while I think of it, there is one blindingly obvious way of getting more fans to your page that I haven’t mentioned yet, partly because I assumed everyone would do it automatically:

You can, of course, invite your friends to like the page via the ‘Suggest to friends’ link at the bottom of that admin panel in the top right of the fan page. This is another simple way of getting a few fans to get you on your way to the first 25 fans when you get started with a new page.

So, there you have it – How To Get More Fans On Facebook!

I realised when I started writing this that I could easily turn this into an e-book and give it away that way, but I decided to share it here as I think this way it will benefit more people (and it won’t do my traffic any harm either!).

To discover how to turn your fans into paying customers, click here.

If you’ve got something from this article, simply let me know what it was in the comments section below. Similarly, if you’d like more posts like this one, comment below telling me what you’d like me to cover.

‘Til next time friends. Tune in, same Bat-time, same Bat-channel.

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  1. NO WAY! You mean there is nothing I have to pay for? Thanks for the information, ofcourse this gift will come back to you 100 times over.

    • James says:

      Hey Ramona,

      Thanks for your kind words. No, nothing at all to pay for. If you want to, you can get Mark’s course, but in terms of my article, I just wanted to share some real value with you and my other lovely readers.


  2. Simon Little says:

    Hey James,

    Top article with some really good advice – fan pages are not only great for niche sites, they are increasingly the preferred way for local businesses to reach their audience

    I’ll be looking out for more of your secret methods soon mate ;-)

    • James says:

      Hehehe, cheers matey.

      Yeah, you’re right. I’ve started promoting social media services to local businesses alongside my SEO offerings as they’re brilliant for that.

      Keep an eye out for more of my darkest secrets soon… Wahahahahahaha! [evil laugh]

  3. Great post James. I’ve been looking for some down to earth information on growing our fanpage followers.

    We have just started our Facebook Fan page and it is no where near what I would wnat it to be.

    Thanks for the great advice.

    • James says:

      Thanks for your comment Tate.

      Good luck with your fan page. If you want to build a following via your page, apply a couple of these strategies consistently and you’ll see it start to grow.


  4. Joan Grant says:

    As a UK based newbie, I find James one of the few people you get sense and value from. I find his acticles really useful.

    • James says:

      Thank you Joan, that means a lot to me. I always aim to speak to the ‘brand new to marketing’ version of myself and hope it resonates with my readers. The same goes for creating products. I really believe you don’t have to do the whole hype thing to succeed.

      Thanks for reading and commenting.

  5. This has been the most informative blog I have read to date! And, not trying to constantly sell something! I am so appreciative as I am working hard to learn all this and grow my music and blog! James, you are fabulous! I can’t wait to start employing these ideas and see what happens! I’ll let you know! Enjoy a beautiful Saturday!

    • James says:

      Wow, thank you Karen. That really means a huge amount to me right now…

      I was literally just looking at the site’s back office and stats and geniunely thinking of selling the site and starting again (one of my problems is I want everything yesterday!), but your comment came in and it made me realise that I do have information that I can share with my readers.

      Thank you again and please do subscribe so you can keep up-to-date. Good luck with your music blog!

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  7. IanWhite says:

    I’m not having much luck with Twiends i’m afraid…yes, i got loads of new followers and within 10 minutes they all started ‘unfollowing’. I only followed people with similar interests but i feel i’ve been ‘used’ by others simply to boost their followers…(this is Twitter not Facebook obviously)

    • James says:

      Hey Ian,

      They ‘all’ started unfollowing? That wasn’t my experience. While I’ve only used the Twitter function of Twiends a couple of times, the occasions I have used it has grown my account.

      As with any list or profile building, you’ll find that a certain number will drop off. Even if you give away real value, some people will unsubscribe or stop following you immediately. Best not to stress about them.

      Personally, if I was to use Twiends to get followers, I would buy a subscription or a one-off payment to get credits. I’ve gained several hundred fans in one hit doing it this way and only about 40 unfollowed me afterwards.

      Hope that helps.


      • IanWhite says:

        Hi James…started with 274 organic followers built up slowly over 18 months. Signed up with Twiends and within 20 mins had 337 followers. I eased off to see what would happen and within the hour i was back down to 285 all of the unfollowers were the ones who’d just ‘followed’ half an hour earlier.
        I suppose you could argue that i’ve gained 11 followers but the quality of those 11 i’m not convinced about. We’ll see…
        I’m always open to new ideas but i’m equally wary of any ‘quick-fix’.
        I’d rather have 1000 buyers on mailing list than 5,000 Facebook fans or 10,000 followers on Twitter anyday.

      • James says:

        Yes, naturally it would be far better to have 1000 buyers than thousands of Facebook fans or Twitter followers. That said, I think social media can be a massive way to get leverage and build a list too (especially Facebook).

        Personally, I would use Twiends to get fans on Facebook more than followers on Twitter, and then only to get a groundswell upon which to build a much larger following.

        Also, as a side note, I think many people have social media back to front. It’s about enhancing relationships and building on what already exists as much (if not more) than building brand new relationships – particularly on Twitter.

        I’d suggest using Twiends to start a fan page’s growth, then posting continuously (2-3 times per day) to start the viral growth, then using that fan page to build a mailing list, then inviting that list to follow you on Twitter. That way you’re making the most of all the social media channels.

        Hope that makes sense.

  8. Well written James, the article is very detailed. When it comes to followers, sometimes its surprising that I invest in a thousand followers and the next day before noon they’re gone!! So I feel maybe its better to know people who share similar interest but I’m also certainly going to implement your tips.

  9. Dan says:

    Great post. Very simple and useful.
    Already shared it on LI

  10. I will surely use your tips within the next few weeks to grow my facebook page. Thanks for all the great info!

  11. Barb says:

    You are brilliant, wish I could hire you!
    Ummm, can someone hire you? lol

  12. Jessica Mann says:

    Hi James,

    Thanks for the great info. I tried to go the twiends route, but cannot find where to register unless you have a twitter account. Is that a prereq?

    • James says:

      Hey Jessica,

      I didn’t realise they’ve changed the way Twiends works. I’ve just checked it out for you and it seems that it’s no longer a way to get fans on Facebook. I’ll update the article.

      It seems it’s now only a way of getting more followers on Twitter.

      Sorry for any confusion.


  13. Great post James. Thanks for Sharing. Will ‘share’ and will certainly return soon.

  14. Frank says:


    I took your “Use Facebook As… page” suggestion and am having a problem. I have two pages with under 300 fans and am having trouble posting with both pages. When I’m using facebook as the page I can see the comment, but it’s invisible to everyone else. On the other hand, I have a page with 10K fans and comments to posts from that page stick.

    • James says:

      Hey Frank,

      That’s an interesting issue… I’ve not heard of that happening before. I haven’t had any problems that are dependent on the number of fans. Are you posting to the same places with the 300 fans page as you are with the 10k one? It’d be interesting to see if it’s due to settings on their page, rather than the size of yours.

      Would like to be more helpful to you but it’s not something I’ve ever come across.


  15. Thanks for these great tips James. I’m planning to build my Facebook Fan page for my business and i would definitely apply this tips. Keep up the good work and more power James

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    hi,thanks for your writting, but we need to get fans for free, and some of the comments i left on other pages were ignored, what’s the problem?

    • James says:

      Hi Amy,

      Do you mean comments on here? I haven’t seen any of them.

      Some of the methods I’ve mentioned are free to do, like using Facebook as your page rather than your own personal account.


  21. dan says:

    Thanks for this info James. Found it a real struggle in the beginning! Have started implementing some of your recommendations and already seeing more likes on our page. Nice one.

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  28. Fantastic tips, such good quality advice for free. i will be sure to spread the news. I particularly like Method 2, structured and easy to work through.
    I am from the UK so have just visited the fiver (uk equivalent website) so will see whether that works or not.
    Thanks again,

    • James says:

      You’re most welcome Caroline.

      They certainly all work, it’s just a matter of applying them. I’m glad you found the tutorial helpful and structured.

      Not sure I follow you about Fiverr – What’s the UK equivalent? If you’re in the UK (as I am) I’d make sure you use US-based sites as the exchange rate favours us. For example, $5 is equivalent to about £3.20 at the moment, so you can get work done very cheaply.

      Thanks for commenting.

  29. That was some great advice. It is not often you see people giving away tips like this for free but those 7 tips were worthy of an e-book. Especially the tips on content. While the content can be quick quotes or You Tube videos, a fan page needs to be something relevant. Then you even told people how to monetize the site.

    Again, GREAT advice.

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  33. Detailed and useful article…I have tried Fb advertising and it works great.. Though I won’t suggest Fiverr as you may see an increment in number but most of the accounts are fake and your engagement/user ratio will go down…

    • James says:

      There are ways to make sure that the Fiverr followers are real, mostly by actually checking the pages before you pay your money. I recommend that you talk to the page owners first. Thanks for commenting.

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  35. Great post James and thank you for the shout out.

    Let me know if I can help with any aspect or provide any advice and guidance for your readers

    All the best,

    Phil Henderson

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    Great article, good details and it seems effective as methods.
    Now, one question though. on do you have to pay the person first, before seeing the results, or you wait for the results to come then you make the payment. becomes i’m kind of skeptical about scammers online, and i don’t want to waste money on that. is it really worth it ?

    • James says:

      Hi Elyes,

      I wouldn’t recommend it if it didn’t work. If I recommend something, I’m putting my reputation behind it and I wouldn’t ever want to damage that.

      So, yes, the short answer is that it is worth it. Just make sure you find a provider who can show proof that they’ve carried out the work. The money is held in escrow by Fiverr and they keep hold of the cash until the job is marked complete, at which point the seller is paid $4 and Fiverr keeps $1 in admin fees.


      • Elyes says:

        Thank you a lot James. I made a lot of research on for someone to advertise my facebook page. but i couldn’t find any one who could meet my criteria, my FB page is in french and it’s difficult to find people on fiverr who use french. so i lost hope in that for the moment. what i did though, i put a FB plugin, a like button and a comment box on the site. and it seems to work for now. i hope it will increase the number of fans.
        Thanks a lot :) you’re very helpful

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